Enhanced COVID19 Oral Health Care Delivery

  • Teledentistry – use whenever possible
  • PPE
    • Clinical staff will wear N95 masks with a Level 3 mask over (depending on procedure)
    • Clinical staff will wear a face shield over their masks (depending on procedure)
    • Other basic PPE utilized: protective eye wear, gloves, smocks with long sleeves that fit snugly at the wrist, disposable gowns (depending on procedure)
  • Infection Control
    • Face shields, protective eye wear, and loupes are cleaned and sanitized between patients
    • All non-essential items removed from operatory counters
    • ADS Extraoral Dental Suction System for each clinician (on order)
    • Use of rubber dam
    • Use HVE and supplemental suction
    • BBP infection control protocols
    • Transmittal disease infection protocols: providers will utilize two operatories if performing aerosol producing procedures to allow rooms to “sit” and switch back and forth
    • Smocks are changed out between aerosol producing procedures.
    • Pre-procedure covid19 testing required on patients receiving aerosol producing procedures (limited exceptions by doctor approval)
  • Environmental
    • Lobby area cleared of seating, toys, magazines
    • Front door locked to walk-in patients
    • Floor stickers marking off 6 ft and “wait here”
  • Enhanced Staff Protocols
    • Staff Training conducted on enhanced infection control, PPE, aerosol transmittable diseases, and OSHA/CDC/ADA recommendations on COVID19 (4/23/20)
    • Staff wash hands immediately upon entering clinic
    • Temperature taken and recorded
    • All staff wear a minimum of Level 3 masks
    • Work shoes stay at the office
    • Smocks laundered on sanitizing mode
    • Work area and any touched surfaces are wiped down at the start and end of the day
    • Cleaning staff at night also perform enhanced cleaning of the clinic wearing proper PPE (gloves/mask)
  • Enhanced Patient Protocols
    • Telephone pre-screening
    • Staggered Appointment Times – one patient in lobby at a time or enhanced social distancing (more than 10 feet)
    • Extended appointment times to allow for enhanced infection control
    • Patient waits in car until called to come in to the office
    • Patient greeted at the door by clinical staff wearing PPE (mask/gloves/gown)
    • Patient wears mask
    • Patient washes hands or uses medical grade hand sanitizer
    • Temperature taken
    • In-office screening
    • Patient reviews/signs consent form
    • Before treatment patient rinses with hydrogen peroxide (1.5%)
    • Patient always escorted by staff to ensure surfaces touched are wiped down after each patient leaves the building.
    • Billing is encouraged to be handled prior to appointment, otherwise, social distancing is practiced.
    • Updated forms are encouraged to be completed online, otherwise, social distancing is practiced.
    • Effort made to postpone non-emergent procedures on elderly and medically compromised patients, if possible
    • Covid19 testing completed pre-procedure to any aerosol producing treatment.
    • Appointment scheduling considerations: travel testing mandates,  dental treatment mandates, guidelines from the CDC, ADA, and OSHA



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